I help people who long to share a great sex life with their partner, but who find themselves feeling distant, disconnected, anxious or at odds about sex instead.

I guide people through a process to understand their own needs and desires in relationship, as well their individual contribution to the problems, so that they can make their sex life as good as the rest of their relationship. I know from my years in practice focused on couples & sex that no matter how stuck you might feel right now, sex can be a joy instead of the elephant in the room. I believe that strong, healthy, fulfilling relationships make the world a better place.

If you are a couple who sex life doesn’t live up to the rest of their relationship, I invite you to call or email me to set up your first appointment.

Business Values


I hold you capable, believing that your strengths are up to the challenge of addressing your relationship problems. It would be a disservice to you for me to water down therapy. I invite the best parts of you to come forward. I expect you to grow in your ability to honestly look at your darker motivations and to confront yourself about them. Only the best part of us can talk about the worst parts; the worst parts will always pretend they are not there.

Jessa Zimmerman


I hold a tremendous amount of compassion for you and your struggles, and I have an ability to put you at ease in session. I value being kind, approachable and yet direct at the same time, providing honest feedback delivered with goodwill. When working with couples, I am good at developing rapport and understanding with each of you. My comfort and ease in talking about relationship struggles and sexual issues makes it easier for you to share intimately so that you can get the most from therapy.


Challenge is a fundamental part of therapy, and the ability to challenge productively comes from the respect and warmth that I bring to my role. It is out of my respect for you and my concern for your happiness and well-being that I challenge you to think differently about your situation, to act differently within your relationships or to see the dynamics in a different light. I believe that you come to therapy to achieve change of some sort; I want to challenge you to take action toward confronting yourself, holding yourself accountable and showing up in your life in the best possible way.

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