What Happens During Sex?

In this series of blog posts, I am asking you and your partner to examine your patterns around sex. You discussed initiation and how you talk about you sex life. Now let’s look at what happens during sex. What Happens During Sex Itself? Let’s take apart what happens in sex when you have it. Most […]

The Desire Discrepancy

Over the past several weeks, I have prompted you and your partner to talk about the various experiences from your past that may be contributing to the difficulties in your sex life today. Hopefully you have come to understand your partner, and yourself, better. Now that you have reflected on your past, it is time […]

How Did Your Family Talk About Sex?

Last week, I asked you and your partner to discuss the love and support your experienced in your families growing up. Now let’s talk about sex. Sex Your family has a big impact on your attitude toward sex. Some of you come from families that were open about sex, talking about it and treating it […]