The Desire Discrepancy

Over the past several weeks, I have prompted you and your partner to talk about the various experiences from your past that may be contributing to the difficulties in your sex life today. Hopefully you have come to understand your partner, and yourself, better. Now that you have reflected on your past, it is time […]

Higher desire partner survival guide

In any long-term, committed relationship, one person will be the higher desire partner. There’s no judgment about that; it’s just the way it works. It doesn’t have to be a problem at all, but it can become a problem over time, especially if the desire discrepancy grows because of other, underlying issues. The higher desire […]

Lower desire partner survival guide

If you are the lower desire partner in a committed relationship, you should ask yourself some questions. I suggest you look at the dynamics in your relationship from two perspectives: where is the best in you running the show and where is the worst in you in charge? The lower desire partner controls sex. Given […]