Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a good choice when:

  • you feel hopeless that you will ever get to enjoy a satisfying sex life
  • you feel disappointed with the sex in your relationship
  • you and your partner fight about sex (or avoid talking about sex)
  • you physically can’t have sex like you used to
  • you have limited knowledge or experience with sex and don’t even know how to start
  • you avoid sex because it is painful, stressful or anxious
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Sex therapy deals with all kinds of issues.

As an AASECT certified sex therapist, I am trained and qualified to help you with the wide variety of sex problems that people face, including:

  • low sexual desire or mismatched desire
  • erectile dysfunction
  • premature ejaculation
  • orgasm trouble
  • pain with sex
  • kink and fetish concerns
  • gender and sexuality issues

You are not broken; things can get better.

There are good reasons for the problems you are having; we just have to figure out what they are. It can be affected by age, health, psychological concerns, and relationship dynamics, as well as by daily life taking its toll. Some of these things can be changed. For others, you need to adapt to a new normal. Either way, you can create your best possible sex life.

Helping people with sex & intimacy is the focus of my practice.

I do this work because I think it’s important. People suffer when they struggle in their sex life. I want to help you figure out how you can improve your sexual functioning and enjoyment. I work with you to create the changes you need to make to have more pleasure, joy, intimacy and connection.

I am sex positive and LGBTQ welcoming, which means that I respect all sexual orientations, relationships and behaviors that are consensual and non-exploitative.

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Sex therapist, couples counselor

If you would like to find fuller expression of your sexuality and increase the fulfillment in your relationship, contact me at 206-919-9488 or by email at change@jessazimmerman.com

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