Jessa Zimmerman

I have extensive training in sex therapy and couples counseling.

  • Master of Arts Degree in Psychology – Saybrook University
  • Certificate in Sex Therapy- University of Michigan
  • National certification as a sex therapist through AASECT
  • License as a Mental Health Counselor
  • Extensive training in working with couples

I use a blend of a variety of approaches in my work with clients, including:

Sex Therapy

Rigorous training that helps individuals and couples with issues of sexual dysfunction, sexual addiction and sexual abuse.

Emotion Focused Therapy

A research backed approach that digs below the surface to find the underlying needs that are not being met and shift the negative patterns that keep people stuck.

Narrative Therapy

An approach that challenges the limiting stories we carry about ourselves and helps us see the more empowering threads throughout our lives. It is an approach that frees us to choose the roles and stories that we want to live.

Tantra and Conscious Touch

An approach that helps become present and conscious is their touch and in their connection during physical intimacy.

Crucible Couples Therapy

An approach that views emotional gridlock as inevitable in long term relationships. It then transforms this impasse into an opportunity for the growth of both individuals, increasing their capacity for a much stronger and more intimate partnership.

Bowenian Therapy

An approach that strengthens our own self in relation to our families and important others. It is an approach that builds our ability to self-soothe and self-confront, allowing for an increased ability to participate in fulfilling relationships.

Solution Focused Therapy

An approach that focuses on what is already working in our lives and finding ways to create more of that. It is an approach that opens up our dreams for our lives and encourages us to reach for them.

Strategic Therapy

An approach that seeks to un-stick our stuck patterns with others, allowing us to shift into new ways of interacting.

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