How healthy is your sex life?

How healthy is your sex life?

See how you score!


This is a 30 question quiz. While not a scientific quiz, it does use what I've learned about healthy sexual relationships in my years of clinical practice as a sex therapist. I have designed it to give you an idea of the state of your intimate relationship, over several criteria. You will get your results and suggestions about how to improve via email, as well as ongoing information and ideas about improving your relationship and creating your best possible sex life.

This quiz is designed for people that are in a sexual relationship and who want to look at the interactions between themselves and one specific partner. If you are in a sexless stage of your relationship and the answers don't already account for that, answer the question based on what sex was like when you had it. 

"Sex" refers to any sexual encounter, not just penetrative sex. 

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Do either of you avoid sex?
Do you go to bed at the same time?
How often does it seem that sex ends badly?
Is there a sexual problem that hasn't been resolved or accommodated?
Do you and your partner talk about sex?
Does one of you suggest sex and the other respond by ignoring it, deflection, or humor?
Does one of you just go through the motions in sex?
How often is one of you having sex out of a sense of obligation?
Does one person shame, blame or criticize the other about sex?
How frequently do you fight about sex?
Does one of you ever threaten to leave the relationship over sex?
How often is one of you doing something sexually they know the other doesn’t like?
To what degree are you distracted when you have sex?
Are you off in your mind/fantasy during sex?
Does one of you feel inadequate?
Do you struggle to relax and be present for sex?
To what degree do you worry that you don’t know what you’re doing?
Do you generally feel self conscious during sex?
Do you ask for what you want in sex?
Do you know what turns you on?
Do you bring any passion or eroticism to the sex that you're having?
Is frequency of sex an issue in your relationship?
To what degree is sex with your partner about getting to the finish?
Does one of you do all the initiating of sex?
How much energy do you put into making sex and romance interesting – dressing up, buying flowers, sexual surprises, etc?
How often do you and your partner create the opportunity, on purpose, to be sexual together?
To what degree do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed in your life, to the detriment of your sex life?
Is sex at the bottom of the priority list?
Do you keep the plans, appointments and dates with your partner that you set?
Have you followed through with agreements to see a doctor or a therapist about any sexual issues?

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