If you have been following my blog, you have so far discussed your family of origin and its power dynamics with your partner. Let’s continue.

Love and Support

Families differ in whether (and how) they show love and affection. Some of you will have been raised feeling loved and supported; others will have known from the beginning that you were on your own. Your family environment shapes your attachment style and expectations in relationships throughout your lives. Experiences with physical touch, emotional support, and reliability have a direct impact on romantic relationships as an adult. What do you learn when you explore the following with your partner:

  • What did affection, love, and support look like in your family (if there was any)? Who was it between? Where didn’t it exist?
  • Who would comfort you after a hard day at school?
  • On whom did you rely?
  • What kind of support and love did you see between your parents, if any?
  • In what ways have these experiences shaped your tendencies with love and affection as an adult?

Keep the focus on familial love this week. In next week’s post, I will ask you some questions about sex.

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