Couples & Marriage Counseling

Couples counseling is a good choice when:

  • you think your relationship can’t work, you feel like you chose the wrong person, or you fear you have to give up on getting what you want
  • you have a great working relationship, like roommates or business partners, but somehow can’t be as good together when it comes to sex
  • you struggle to communicate with your partner
  • you and your partner avoid difficult conversations
  • you fight about the same things but never get anywhere
  • you’re dealing with infidelity or trust issues
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I do “regular” couples counseling, not just sex therapy.

I have a lot of training in working with couples. I work with couples of all varieties, as well: straight, gay, lesbian, trans, open & poly. I help people with:

  • Communication issues
  • Infidelity
  • Struggles over parenting, money and other big things
  • Disconnect and avoidance
  • Life transitions
  • Sexual concerns

Struggles don't mean you're failing.

Relationships are difficult. I believe they are meant to challenge us to grow, at least if we stick with them over time. What seems like a crisis or disaster now can be the doorway to making your relationship better than ever. We need to figure out the dynamics in your relationship that have you stuck and help each of you change your part. You can have the difficult conversations you need to come out stronger.

Helping couples is the focus of my practice.

I have devoted my entire practice to helping couples develop the skills and capacity for:

  • true emotional intimacy
  • honest and productive communication
  • a satisfying and engaging sex life

I want you to find more happiness and connection in your relationship. I work with two people, each of whose best interests are my concern. My focus is on your growth, your insight, and your capacity to be in relationship. The process is more powerful because this work is done in the presence of your partner and with their input, support and challenge.

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Sex therapist, couples counselor

If you would like to find fuller expression of your sexuality and increase the fulfillment in your relationship, contact me at 206-919-9488 or by email at change@jessazimmerman.com

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