Your Side of the Court

Over the last several weeks, I have tried to help you and your partner shed some light on your sexual struggles. I asked you to reflect on your personal histories and how your experiences with sex, love, conflict, and support have shaped the way you approach your intimate relationships. Next, I asked you to examine […]

What Happens During Sex?

In this series of blog posts, I am asking you and your partner to examine your patterns around sex. You discussed initiation and how you talk about you sex life. Now let’s look at what happens during sex. What Happens During Sex Itself? Let’s take apart what happens in sex when you have it. Most […]

Physical Changes and Sex

Along with issues of performance and loss, issues related to changes in our bodies and lives are common sources of sexual avoidance. Let’s examine a few of them. Issues Due to Aging As you get older, your body changes. You know this, but it will probably still surprise and upset you when it starts to […]