Sexual Identity

Continuing the discussions you and your partner are having about your sexual histories, let’s turn this week to the topic of sexual identity. Sexual Identity Your sense of yourself as a sexual person develops over time. Some of you have always had a clear understanding of who you are and what your sexual interests are. […]

What Were You Taught About Sex?

Now that you and your partner have examined your family life and how that shaped your personality and coping mechanisms, it is time to look back at your relationship and sexual history. It’s not only your family who has put things into your baggage. You need to understand your sexual beliefs and expectations when you’re […]

Substance Abuse and Mental Illness in Your Family

Last week, I asked you and your partner to discuss your experiences with conflict. Unfortunately, a common source of family conflict is substance abuse and mental illness. The presence of these difficulties in our childhood homes can have a significant effect on our adult relationships. Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Many families struggle with the […]