Helping people with sex and intimacy is the focus of my practice.

When your intimate life suffers, your whole life suffers. Whatever it is that you are missing, or concerned about, can cast a dark shadow on what otherwise might be a wonderful relationship.

I help couples who have a good relationship but who are avoiding sex because it's become stressful, negative, disappointing, or pressured.

I have the skills and experience to help you figure out how to improve your relationship and your sex life.  Together, we'll work to create the changes — both emotional and physical — you need in order to add pleasure, joy, and intimacy to your relationship.

Don't continue to struggle on your own.  Let me help!


Are you feeling sad or lonely in your relationship because your sex life is so bad?

Has your body changed in the way it responds during sex?

Is your sex life being affected by aging, disease or disability?

Is sex painful, anxious or disappointing?

Have you suffered sexual abuse in your past that blocks your ability to enjoy sex now?

Do you question your own sexual behaviors or preferences?


Has your disappointing sex life become the elephant in the room?

Have you become only really good roommates or co-parents?

Do you struggle to resolve your issues in a lasting and meaningful way?

Do you and your partner avoid sensitive topics?

Are you lonely in your relationship?

Do you wonder if this relationship was a big mistake?

Interested in

Sex without Stress: A couple's guide to overcoming disappointment, avoidance & pressure

  • Isn’t sex supposed to be easy?
  • Do sexual problems mean I’m in the wrong relationship?
  • How do we get to the point where sex is fun again?
  • Am I broken? Is there any hope?

Jessa Zimmerman takes on the heart-wrenching questions that naturally arise when couples are struggling with sex. Once sex becomes synonymous with disappointment, avoidance sets in and creates pressure in the bedroom. In this straightforward and practical book, Zimmerman guides us to understand the cycle that develops when sex is difficult, to shift our mindset when it comes to sexual intimacy, and to transform our sexual experience with our partner using a nine-phase experiential process.

I have devoted my therapy practice to helping couples develop the skills and capacity for true emotional intimacy, honest and productive communication, and a satisfying and engaging sex life.

Jessa Zimmerman
Jessa Zimmerman


Have fun with sexual fantasiesAri Tuckman PsyD, MBA in Psychology Today

“While it is true that sex is a physical act, it is also very much a mental process, at least when it is going well. Assuming that sex is consensual and desired, then letting your imagination roam can enhance the physical sensation and make for a richer overall experience.”


Sex therapist, couples counselor

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